Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great Capstans in History!

It's time to celebrate who really does the heavy lifting around here with another installment of Great Capstans in History!

This saucy lady is capstan of the Kruzenshtern, a German-built windjammer previously known as the Padua. She was taken by the Russians as war reparations in 1946 and rechristened. Today as a training ship, she is the only ship of her line, and the largest traditional sailing ship to still be in use.

So though she's been around the block a bit, this capstan's tiny drumhead and ample whelps have made her a big hit with the guys, as we see here! Easy fellas, she's European!

If you know of a capstan you'd like featured in a future installment of Great Capstans in History, why not send a picture and some info to On the Bounty?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I thought about whether or not I should explain this, but I decided against it.

Friday, July 15, 2011


This is the first time Bo'sun Cole has had a speaking part, and I am glad to give him the opportunity.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today's comic is a response to this installment of Kate Beaton's Hark, a Vagrant! which pretty accurately depicts the major events of the oddly rumless Rum Rebellion.

Bligh was in at least two mutinies in his life. Three if you count the journey to Australia in which Bligh pissed off one of his subordinate captains so much he literally opened fire on Bligh's ship.

There are several theories about Bligh being caught hiding in or around his bed, mostly due to the account given by MacArthur and Johnston supported by this artistic rendering of Bligh which became quite popular.

For his part, Bligh provided this rebuttal depicting MacArthur.